Chief Of Rehabilitation Medicine
Radiology Consultant
Paedodontist Consultant
Pediatric Consultant
Pediatric Cardiologist
Invasive Cardiology
Internist (Rheumatology)
Maxilla-Facial Surgeon
Plastic Surgeon
Dermatology Consultant
Audiology Consultant
Neurosurgery Consultant
Medical Physicist
Sen Reg. Plastic Surg
Sen Reg Paed. Surgery
Chief Anaesthesiolooy
Orthopedic Surgeon
Cons. Primary Care
E.R. Specialist
Director of Nursing
Assistant DON
Nursing Officer
Head Nurse
Staff Nurses
Med Surg Staff Nurse
Ped Surg Head Nurse
NICU Spec. Staff Nurse
NICU Head Nurse
Postpartum Staff Nurse
Newborn Nursery Nurse
Infection Control Nurse
Hosp Nursing Supvr
Medical Imaging
Chemistry Supervisor
Medical Technologist
MRI Technician
Radiotherapy Technician
C.T. Scan Tech
Ultrasound Tech
Special Procedures Tech
Respiratory Therapist
Pulpmnary Function
Occupational Therapist
Cons. Orthodontist
Dental Hygienist
Medical Secretary
Medical Records Officer
Bio-Medical Engineer
Saudi Arabia Job Opportunities
Medical & Health Care Professionals
Jobs Change Daily

All positions require Fluency in English

Physicians & Surgeons

All Specialties 30 Possibilities!
Emergency, Neurology, Cardiology.......
Requirements: Fellowship/membership of the Canadian or British Royal College, American Board or Fachartz with a minimum of three years experience post graduation.
Some non-consultants' positions available for candidates with less experience


In addition to staff Rn positions we provide a full menu of opportunities from Nursing Administration, Education, Director of Nursing, Quality Assurance, Infection Control. Staff Positions Minimum Requirements:
Registered Nurse (sorry no LPN's)
2 years experience in a critical care hospital
Specialty RN additional year of exp in specialty area.
Diploma Nurses accepted. College Degree NOT required.
Saudi Hospitals hire both male & female RNs

Due to contracts with our client hospitals, PS&S may not be able to accept applications from all countries.

Nursing Administration, QA and upper level positions require a college degree in addition to registration.
Staff RN, Admin, QA, IFC, Instructors too.
Ongoing jobs for RNS at 3 hospitals!

Respiratory Practioners

Registered Respiratroy Therapists
Pulmonary Function Specialist

Dental Specialist, Hygienist
Lab Technicians, Orthodontist

Hospital Pharmacists -

Rehabilitation Therapists & Consultants

Physical & Occupational Therapists (Sorry NO PTAs or OTAs)

Dieticians & Nutritionist

Several Opportunities available. Registered with a minimum of 2-3 years experience post registration in an acute care hospital. Apply Now.

Medical Imaging Technologists & Therapist

Certified radiographers (CAMRT, RT) with a minimum of two years experience post certification in an acute care hospital.
MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Angiography and various modalities.

Health Information Management
Medical Records, Secretaries
Medical Transcriptionists

Medical Lab Professionals

Because our medical jobs change so quickly, not all jobs are posted on our web site
If you are a medical professional with 3 years of experience we are interested in YOU.

Saudi Hospitals

We recruit for several facilities in various cities throughout Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Taif, The Eastern Province). Since 1991 we've placed hundreds of professionals in great jobs throughout the KIngdom.
Saudi Arabia has an extensive, modern, national, health care delivery system providing both primary and acute care. Most physicians are western educated and board certified. The provision of care is similar to that of the U.S. or Canada, using state of the art technologies including MRI and more recently laser surgery. Many facilities are JCAHO certified.

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Military Hospitals - Jeddah King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Prince Sultan Cardiac Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Corniche Hospital Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Ruwais Hospital Ruwais, United Arab Emirates, Tawam Hospital Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, American Hospital Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Awali Hospital Bahrain Cardiac Hospital . Bahrain, Qatar General Petroleum Corporation QGPC Doha, Qatar, Al Hamad Hospital Doha, Qatar, Military Hospital - Tabuk, Military Hospital - Khamis, Military Hospital - Riyadh, Military Hospital - Dhahran, Military Hospital - Saudi Arabia, The National Guard King Abdulaziz Medical City Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Chief of Surgery Head of Neurosurgery Senior Trauma Surgeon Consultant Arthroscopic Ortho Surgeon Consultant ENT Retina Surgeon Consultant Plastic Surgeon (Reconstructive Surgery) Consultant ENT Surgeon Consultant Urologist IVF Senior Consultant Laparoscopic Gynae Consultant Specialist Ob/Gynae Chief of Paediatrics Chief Anaesthetist Senior Cons. Paediatric Neurologist Senior Cons. Paediatric Nephrologist GP’s (Preferably female) Specialists Anaesthetist Ambulatory GP’s (Preferably female) GP / House Officers (Anaesthetist & Gynaecology) Chief Radiotherapist Consultant Psychiatrist Chief of Medicine Chief Medical Oncology Senior Consultant Oncologist Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist Senior Consultant Dermatologist Consultant Dermatologists M.O. /General Medicine Chief of ER Senior Consultant ER Senior Pathologist Microbiologist ER Specialists Consultant Pathologist Senior Consultant Cyto/Histopathologist Senior Consultant Microbiologist ER Physicians Consultant (Dentist) Specialist (Dentist) PRIMARY CARE CONSULTANT MD PRIMARY CARE SPECIALIST FAMILY MEDICINE CONSULTANT HEALTHCARE EDUCATION SPECIALIST PRIMARY CARE NURSE SPECIALIST FAMILY MEDICINE NURSE SPECIALIST MD FAMILY PRACTITIONOR NURSING Charge & Staff Nurses for (NICU, CCU, SSU, ICU, OR, L&D And Obstetrics, Radiotherapy & Oncology wards, Royal & VIP, Paediatric wards Surg/Med/Oncology, Emergency Room & Haemodialysis) PARAMEDICAL Sr. Lab. Technician Lab. Technologist Cardiology Technologist ECG Technician Speech Language Therapist Sr. RT Radiographer Radiographer Sr. Radiographer Ultrasound (IVF Unit & X-Ray) Respiratory Therapists Physiotherapy Tech. Sr. Radiographer Ultrasound (IVF Unit, X-Ray & Oby/Gyne) IT HEALTH CARE SPECIALIST SYSTEM OPERATION ENGINEER SYSTEM ANALYST SYSTEM ENGINEER TECHNICAL SUPPORT ENGINEER DATABASE OFFICER APPLICATION SUPPORT & SYS. ENGINEER Clinical Auditor MEDICAL RECRUITMENT COORDINATOR/SPECIALIST (2 Nos.) MEDICAL SECRETARIES ADMIN. ASST. BIOMEDICAL Quality Manager